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VRG healthcare is a privately held clinic committed to offering the most excellent possible standard of service. Our team of chiropractors and physiotherapists work to alleviate impairment and disability and promote mobility, functional ability, quality of life, and movement potential through examination, evaluation, diagnosis, and physical intervention. We began our health care adventure in 2009 and have been successful for 12 years. Our goal is to alleviate pain on the first day, which we have accomplished for 12 years. We use imported machines and cutting-edge techniques in our health care to ensure the greatest possible outcome for the patient. We have a presence in various departments, including ORTHO, NEURO, SPORTS, and POSTOPERATIVE REHAB. We’ve treated over 7200 individuals, offering the most outstanding care possible, and they’ve regained their mobility.

Our physical therapists are among the most skilled in the area, and they are committed to offering a comprehensive range of services. We employ a ‘hands-on’ approach in treating patients, leveraging our significant training in manual therapy and providing teaching in self-care, independent exercise plans, and body mechanics. Our objective is to rehabilitate patients to the point where they may resume their chosen activities using our professional knowledge.

We feel that mobility is critical for injury prevention and sustaining a productive and active lifestyle. We believe in treating the entire body, not just the area harmed. We empower individuals with the knowledge, assistance, and resources necessary to make informed health choices and decisions: through therapy and simple-to-follow exercise and education programs that teach patients how to “repair themselves.” Make your health so good by scheduling an appointment with us today.

We are on a journey to establish the best premier physical therapy and chiropractic center, providing excellent service and remarkable outcomes. By combining a variety of modalities and modern techniques, we distinguish ourselves from other facilities. We do not offer cookie-cutter programming; instead, each patient is treated uniquely. Not only are our clinician’s practitioners, but they also teach at local universities and talk at some of the country’s most prestigious medical conferences and educational programs. Each year, we have the honor of working with over 100 professional and athletes to keep them functioning at their best. These are just a few reasons why we are regarded as one of the country’s best physiotherapy clinics. See yourself what everyone is raving about.

What makes us unique

Personalized Care Plan

Numerous individuals have informed us that other clinics require all patients to participate in the same program. At VRG Healthcare, we recognize that no two injuries are identical, and we tailor the appropriate rehabilitation program to your unique fitness demands and goals. We regularly adjust your care plan based on your response to therapy to achieve the best possible outcome and minimize recovery time.

Expertly Treated

Our clinic boasts superior credentials and a combined experience of decades. Our physical therapists completed an additional year of post-graduate training to become orthopedic specialists (OCS). They are certified in dry needling, functional mobility screenings, the Graston technique, blood flow restriction, and strength and conditioning. Our chiropractors are certified in ART, Cox flexion-distraction, and acupuncture. No other organization in Chennai can match our knowledge and specific skills.

We Are You

‘VRG Healthcare’ is a well-known physiotherapy clinic in Chennai that offers the city’s best physiotherapists high-quality treatment. Our multidisciplinary clinic in Alwarthiru Nagar provides a combination of physiotherapy and massage therapy care to help alleviate the symptoms of specific serious injuries. We have improved over the years by utilizing the best tools and techniques available and are constantly attempting to reach new heights of success.

We continue to work under the expert supervision of Dr. GA. Sathish Kumar has 17 years of industry experience and is unquestionably the best physiotherapist in Chennai. We were dissatisfied with the limitations imposed by the conventional approach to physiotherapy and Dr. GA. Sathish Kumar seeks to provide patients with complementary therapies and holistic care. Our mission to develop a holistic approach to treatment was the impetus for our establishment. Our unique and integrated health care and wellness model is self-evident and requires no introduction.

Our health care professionals are highly skilled in the most cutting-edge therapeutic procedures. Our trained therapists collaborate to offer various services that complement your program. While all of our sessions are one-on-one with the therapist, we also provide in-home physiotherapy. We work to determine the underlying cause of your injury and get you back on track as quickly as possible.

Thus, by addressing the underlying cause of our client’s injury, we can expedite the recovery process by using beneficial physical wellness and rehabilitation tools. We believe in healing and strive to make the process as simple and comprehensive as possible. When experience and technology are combined, it’s unsurprising that our team includes the best physiotherapists in Chennai.

To schedule an appointment to improve your lifestyle, call us at 9962227555.

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