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We are providing a diagnosed-based treatment, individual care to the patient, clean and hygiened atmosphere.

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VRG HEALTH CARE was among the first few rehab center in Chennai to leverage technology to facilitate seamless health care delivery. The organisation embraced the rapid advancement in medical equipments across world and pioneered the introduction of several cutting innovations in india .

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Suffering from Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sciatica or other injury? We can help!

A system of complentary medicine based on the diagnosis and manipulative treatment of misalignment of the joints especially  those of the spinal column which are believed to cause other disorders by affecting the nerves muscles and organs. In VRG Health Care chiropractic technique is the goal standard treatment  to relieve pain.

There are few rehabilitation centers in Chennai that provides a wide range of post operative care. Among them VRG Health Care providing a daily supervision of a patient by a therapist. we provide a interdisciplinary appporach. Our goal is to integrate every patient in the rehab program to get back to their mobility. we are achieving our goal for the 12 years .

The branch of medicine dealing with the correction of deformities of bones and muscles focuses on the diagnosis, correction, prevention and treatment of patient with skeletal deformities. In VRG Health Care we practice chiropractic and osteopath to relieve the pain and discomfort on the first day.

It is a way to detecting treating and preventing health problems by moving , stretching and massaging a person muscle and joint . It is a system of complementary medicine involving the treatment of medical disorders through the manipulation and massage of skeleton and musculature. Its a osteopath specialty center.

The branch of medicine that deals with various diseases related to brain and spinal cord in VRG Health Care we have successfully treated conditions include stoke ,spinal cord injury, Parkinson disease just to name a few.

Sports injuries refered to the kinds of injuries that occurs during sports on exerics while it is possible to injury any part of the body when playing sports the term sports injuries is commonly used to refer to injuries of the muscloskeletal system.

There are few rehabilitation centers in Chennai that provides a wide range of post operative care. Among them VRG Health Care providing a daily supervision of a patient by a therapist. 

The goal of pain management is to manage acute and chronic pain by reducing pain frequency and intensity. Chiropractic and physiotherapy is the best treatment for pain management. VRG health care using outstanding techniques and innovative treatment to give good result in pain management.


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Meet Dr GA Sathish Kumar

He has about 14 years of experience in Chiropractic, Osteopath, and Physiotherapy

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We have been providing rehabilitative services

Great hospitals always put their patient first. Their policies, facilities and pricing structure are developed to provide a hassle free experience to all the patients. In addition VRG focus on empowering their patients by giving them of all the necessary information. We are providing a diagnosed based treatment, individual care to the patient, clean and hygiened atmosphere.

Low Back Pain

It is define as pain and discomfort below the costal..

Neck Pain

Neck pain is define as pain in the neck with or with out pain..


Abnormal lateral curvature of the spine is most often...

Ankle Pain

Pain in the ankle a hinged pain ankle pain is commonly...

Tennis And Golfer’s Elbow

It is a condition that causes pain where the tendon...


Headache is a pain in any region of the head....

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My wife going treatment from last one year in VRG Clinic . treatment is goog now she is able to walk a kilometer. My wife tried three months with homeopathy treatment is not cured . when we tried with alopathy doctor intimate to do operation immediately. My wife is very critical stage of not able to walk alone not able to do any of my colleague inform to visit VRG clinic . blank mind we went for a consultation Dr Sathish Kumar told I will try my level best and you will be confident in your treatment .continuous one month treatment and after monthly once went for treatment. Now my wife almost cured about 80%. I really thanks to doctor Mr. Sathish Kumar and Physiotherapist Ms. Mohana and Priyadarshini.

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